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MAAS Jewellery products received highest rating when tested by Consumer Testing Lab.
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MAAS Jewellery Systeme Technical Data reviews product recommendations for specific surfaces and cleaning methods.
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Jewellery Cleaner
Jewellery Cleaner
MAAS Jewelry Cleaner
Unlike cleaners that clean and strip jewelry of shine, MAAS is formulated to lift residue while adding brilliance and luster. This unique liquid comes in a sealed packet; just add tap water to the jar and add concentrated liquid cleaner. The cleaner will continue to clean until you have used it up. This professional strength liquid gently lifts residue from diamonds, gems, stones, all metals and more.

6 oz. jar contains one packet of concentrated

jewelry cleaner, basket, and brush.

Restore the reflective brilliance to diamonds, CZ's, gems, stones, crystals and more.

Restores reflectance to all metals.
Provides professional results...Guaranteed!
Jewellery Polishing Cloth
Jewellery Polishing Cloth
MAAS Jewelry Polishing Cloth
MAAS Jewelry Polishing Cloth is dry-treated with the exclusive MAAS Jewelers Rouge formula. This ultra-soft cloth quickly removes film and tarnish restoring original lustre to silver, gold, platinum...all metals, diamonds, CZ's, precious stones, crystal and more to their original brilliance; and rivals a professional polishing due to the deep luster applied by MAAS Jeweler's Rouge. Highly recommended to polish marquisite and other jewelry that should not be cleaned with a liquid due to gems and stones being glued in place.

We recommend using MAAS Liquid Jewelry Cleaner first to remove residue from settings. For jewelry that has lost it's sparkle and luster due to tarnish, years of use, or storage we recommend restoring with MAAS Metal Polish formulated with MAAS Jewelers Rouge.

- Size 8" x 10"
- Custom Printing Available for Jewelers!

Metal Polish
Metal Polish
MAAS Metal Polish
MAAS Metal Polishing Creme formulated with MAAS Jewelers Rouge gently restores jewelry to it's original finish Removes years of tarnish, residue, rust, and oxidation from all metals and gentle enough for delicate antique jewelry. MAAS is concentrated. Just a dab restores brilliance to diamonds, CZ's, gems, stones, enamel and more while restoring original luster to all metals; jewelry will look professionally cleaned. Create your own "Jewelers buffing wheel" to restore jewelry. Add a dab of MAAS to a cloth, then rub into cloth then buff.
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6oz Maas jewellery cleaning liquid
Mass polishing cloth
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